WOOD Student Foundation (WSF)

The WOOD STUDENT Foundation (WSF) was founded at the SECOND WOOD CONFERENCE, Cape Town in February 2012. The Foundation aim is to promote wood construction in South Africa as well as to  lecture students at various Universities in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Stellenbosch. 

The successful candidate/student will be selected by an independent professional jury according to various criteria as set out by the WSF and will have the opportunity of presenting his thesis at the next WOOD Conference.

The main prize is an exclusive practical training in Switzerland including flight and board for six months. The prize includes a stay at the University of Biel specialized in the wood sector, and an insight into the operations of a wood construction company and the companies of Holzwerkstoff Holding Ltd, www.hwh-gruppe.ch.

The Aim:
WSF aims to encourage students knowledge as how to deal intensely with all aspects of promoting wood construction in a master’s or bachelor’s level with the solicitation of a theoretical essay/thesis.